empowering himalayan woman

Jahnavi Mala Project features handmade jewelry crafted by women in remote villages in the Himalayas. This project supports education programs for the children and women’s empowerment programs which help improve the quality of life of the entire village. Contribute to the project and shop these malas HERE.

Dear Friends
Swami Kashi Mukthanda living in Uttarkashi for many years, traveled with a team of 20 people to Tihar village . The village which is 40 km away from Uttarkashi on the Gangotri highway can be reached only by an arduous trek of 5 kms on foot from the main road. Swami and his team visited the Study Center run by Kashika and engaged with the students there.

After seeing hardships faced by woman in the hilly terrain and serious educational gaps of children, a Canadian couple Mr. Tony and Mrs lee who was part of Swami’s team , was deeply moved and felt the need to make a difference to lives of those people in the village. After leaving for Canada, they made some samples of stone necklace or “mala” which is traditionally known, and invited 3 women, Geeta, Neelam, Kusum from the village to undergo training in Haridwar, which was arranged by Kashika. After the training, these women went back and trained other women of the village.

Based on sample sent by Mr and Mrs Lee and stones provided by Swami Kashi, the “mala” made by village women on the banks of Holy Ganges, was brought back by the Canadian couple at a good price. The profits made by couple towards selling these produce will be used for improving lives of woman and providing good education for children of that village.

We at Kashika would like to thank the wonderful heart of Mr. Tony and Mrs. Lee along with the gracious presence of Swami Kashi in this endeavour for creating better lives for women and children.

Can you do something for the people of Himalayas!