Sahasra Tal – Trek

4-11 August 2024, Himalayas, India

A joined project of Heart Pilgrim and Kashika – A Hand for Children (

Join us on our first ever Himalayan trek. Finally, after many years of plans, we are announcing a trek to
one of the most incredible hidden gems of this sacred land.

We are organizing a small group of spiritual hikers to hike with us to one of the most spectacular sites
in the high regions of the Himalayas, Sahasra Tal. This trek is meant for experienced hikers who wish
to visit remote destinations where only few people visited before. This is a physically challenging trek
where we ascend to high altitudes of supreme beauty. Though it is not a professional mountaineering
expedition, this adventure is not suitable for people who are not very fit and in good health. During
the trek we will camp in tents and hike many kilometres every day in high altitude. We will be
accompanied by guides, porters, and mules, who will carry part of the equipment, build our camps
every night, and cook our food.

We’ve decided to have this adventure in the month of August because, even though it’s the rainy
season, and it’s not the easiest time to trek, it is by far the most beautiful time to visit the region. In
this trek you are going to see sights that will stay with you for the rest of your life. In addition, we will
experience the culture and hospitality of the Himalayan people, who have not yet experienced and
been influenced by tourism. This is really a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Don’t miss it!

Because of the nature of this adventure, the size of the group is going to be small. If you think this
experience is meant for you, please ensure your place before it’s too late.

The dates for the trek are 4-11 August, 2024. We will meet on the morning of August 4 in Rishikesh,
and depart on the evening of August 11 in Rishikesh.

The cost of the trek is US$ 1,185, and it includes the costs of the transportation to and from Rishikesh, and accommodation and food for all the days of the trek. It doesn’t include your accommodation and transportation to Rishikesh before the program, and from Rishikesh after the program.

During the trek you will carry your personal equipment with you, and the porters and mules will carry
the tents, the food, and all the common equipment. If you wish to walk without your personal
equipment on your back, we can arrange for it to be carried by a mule for an additional cost.
The weather during the trek is expected to be warm at the start, and colder the higher we get. You will
need to have with you on this trek warm clothes, good hiking shoes, and a warm sleeping bag.
To register to this adventure, please send an email to Swami Kashi at You will
have to send a non-refundable registration fee of $300 to secure your place in the group.

The organizers of the trek are

A major part of the profit from the trek will go to support Kashika, an organization working with underprivilegedHimalayan kids. During the trek you’ll meet many of these kids and connect with them.

Sahasra Tal is situated at an altitude of around 15,000 ft. (4600 mts.) in the Garhwal region of the
Himalayas. A trek to Sahasra Tal, although challenging, takes one through stunning scenery such as the
valley of the flowers and lets one experience the grandeur of the Himalayas. This rare and unique
experience is not only a physical journey but also a spiritual one. In the Indian tradition, it is said that
once a King offered 1000 Brahma Kamal flowers (rare Himalayan flowers) on the banks of this lake and
thus it came to be called Sahasra (thousand) – Tal (lake). For those who love nature photography, this
trek provides a rare and unique opportunity.

Timeline of the trek
Day 1. Rishikesh to Kumarkot by drive:
On the first day, we will start from Rishikesh and travel to Kashika situated at Kumarkot village (2000
mts.) which is at the border of Uttarakashi and Tehri districts. It will take about 4 hours to cover
around 130 kms. In Kumarkot we will meet the local villagers and connect with the kids of Kashika.
The night will be spent at Kashika.

Day 2. Kumarkot to Belak (2700 mts.): 6 Hours
In the first part of the trek, we’ll reach the village Thandi and follow a small river Jalguri Ganga
upwards. It will take us through the Himalayan forests range Balanga before reaching our destination
of Belak. It is a beautiful place where the villagers take their cattle for grazing during summer
months. By the beginning of the cold season, the villagers return with the cattle to their villages of
Thandi and Syaba. We will spend the night at this place in the wooden sheds of the villagers and
enjoy their warm hospitality.

Day 3. Belak to Besh Ka Singh (3141 mts.): 5 hours
On the second day of hiking, we’ll cross the oak forests and enter the Himalayan alpine meadows of
Bhowani Bugyal and reach a beautiful place called Besh ka Singh. This place is considered very sacred
by the villagers. A story is told that the Gujjers (Himalayan semi-nomads) took their buffaloes to this
scared place which they were not supposed to. All the buffaloes died and till now the Gujjers do not
take their cattle for grazing in this scared place. As a sign of this, a head of a buffalo is kept at this
place. Tents will be set up here for our night stay.

Day 4. Besh ka Singh via Kyarki Bugyal to Kukkili (4600 mts.): 6 hours
After breakfast, our journey continues and will take us past many pristine lakes. The grandeur of the
Himalayan peaks can be experienced during this part of the trek. The path gives us the view of Ganga
valley on one side and the Bhilangana valley on the other. This is perhaps the most difficult part of
the trek but offers us an unforgettable experience of the Himalayas. Here we’ll see the rare Brahma
Kamal flowers and it feels like walking on top of the world.

Day 5. Kukkili camp to Sahasra Tal: 2 hours
We leave our luggage at the Kukkili camp and continue out final trek to Sahasra Tal. We’ll go past
several beautiful lakes on both sides before reaching Sahasra Tal. Once we reach Sahasra Tal, a small
ritual and prayers will be offered. A bath in Sahasra Tal is a unique spiritual experience, purifying us
internally and externally.
Depending on circumstances such as weather and physical conditions, we’ll either return to
Kushkalyan or Chatruna Bugyal for our night halt.

Day 6. Kushkalyan or Chatruna Bugyal to Belak: 4 hours
On our return trek, we’ll break at Belak.
Day 7. Belak to Kumarkot: 4 hours
On the penultimate day, our trek will bring us back to Kumarkot. We will stop to take a refreshing
bath in the scared river Jal Guri Ganga.
Day 8. Return to Rishikesh and farewell…

*This program is tentative and might change according to circumstances during the trek.

Jay Bolo Nath!!!