Study Centers

To supplement children’s education, Kashika is running 5 study centers in various villages. Study centers are equipped with books, computers and teachers from the village which help students to progress in their learning. Around 227 students are benefited in these centers.

Bhangeli Study Center

We found that there are serious gaps in the quality of education in this area. We started this study centre along with a children library with the support of Goonj on 15th August 2013. Currently this centre is availed by 26 students in two batches. During our last evaluation, we found remarkable improvement in reading and comprehension skills among these students.

Hurri Study Center

A study center with a children’s library and Computer Center was stated in Hurri village on 20th Oct 2013. Around 43 children avail this facility.

Sangali Study Center

This centre was started on Dec 1, 2013. Initially the centre started to function with 13 children and later on a medium size library was added in order to cater to the needs of students studying in primary, secondary and high schools. A computer centre was also established with 5 computers running on solar power. Presently there are 43 students attending this centre.

Tihar and Salang Study Centers

These centers were started on Aug 15th 2014, with the support of The Divine Life Society, Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh . These centers are being availed by 68 students in Tihar and 53 students in Salang.